Social Media Content Ideas – Why Social Media is Like a Party

Social Media Content Ideas – Why Social Media is Like a Party

Ryan Shelley

29 March 2017

Social media content ideas – why social media is like a party.

The most common mistake we see with social media is the over obsessing and consistent talking about yourself and your business. With each and every single post about the business, a promotion, your latest blog, your followers quickly time out and often ‘unfollow’ you. While many businesses struggle with social media content ideas, its simple with our 5-3-2 technique.

Social media is like a party, two way conversation is key!

Want to join the party that is social media? Simply follow, like, comment and share content that is of interest to you and your business.

We try to avoid (at all costs) the person at the party whom stands and talks about themselves all night. And on the other hand if you stand by the wall, no one will speak with you. But like intermingling at a party, if you walk around the room and introduce yourself to others you will get noticed.
To avoid over-talking about your business on social media, when planning your social media content diary for the week you should aim for:

  • 4-5 posts about your industry.
  • 2-3 promotional posts – this could be a blog post or news article, a special offer or sharing a client testimonial.
  • 1-2 human/community related content. This is your opportunity to show what makes your business tick. Is it a local charity, a sporting event the team is involved with or maybe it’s a staff’s anniversary or birthday. Use this air time wisely. It is an opportunity to bring your business to life, show your values and your brand.

Social media content only forms one part of full service social media management; engagement, listening and connecting is another very important aspect.

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