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With an accredited CPA and CIMA leading our in-house team, we understand the nuances of effective social media marketing for accounting practices.

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With an accredited CPA and CIMA leading our in-house team. We understand the nuances of effective social media marketing for accounting practices.

Social Media for Accountants by Accountants. Today, there are over 17,000,000 Australians, 4,200,0000 on LinkedIn and a further 3,000,000 on Twitter. Consumers and professionals alike are leveraging social media as a primary communication tool. And professional services businesses are fast realising effectiveness of a strong social media presence.

Accountants, in particular, have been some of the most agile professionals in the migration to social media marketing. In fact, a 2014 study by Invautus Consulting found that almost 93% of surveyed accounting firm employees used social media channels for networking purposes. When it comes to social media for accountants, the 2015 Wolters Kluwer Social Media Survey found that 79% of accredited accountants were actively engaged in social media.

Prospective clients are on social media, your colleagues are on social media and your competition is on social media. In other words, it has never been more important for accounting practices seeking business growth to embrace social media platforms. However, messaging, branding and strategy for social media in the professional services industry is unique. To realise results, it’s imperative to have a team with both social media expertise and accounting industry experience. At pepperit, Nicole Shelley (B.Com, CPA, AICD, CIMA) leads our experienced social media team. With over a decade of top-tier corporate accounting experience behind us, we know how to deliver results.

“If you’re not on social media, if you’re not LinkedIn; why not? Why aren’t you using Facebook? How are you engaging with that part of the market?”

Marc Totaro, National Manager of Professional Services for CBA

Consulting Services & Social Media

Management for Accounting Firms

Branding & Policy

Branding & Policy

We work with you to create a unique, professional voice for your accounting practice on social media. Through branded content guides, in-house social media policy, technical set-up and creative asset production, we ensure your firm is equipped to begin effective engagement cross-platform.

Daily Management

Daily Management

By leveraging our own best practice content and engagement schedule developed specifically for professional service firms, we manage all aspects of your social media accounts. From sourcing interesting content for your target audience to engaging and warming prospective clients – we take an end to end approach.

Reporting & Optimisation

Reporting & Optimisation

Through consistent monitoring of social media responses, posts and engagement across your accounts, we ensure ongoing optimization of both organic posts and paid social media marketing for accountants and firms.

Media partners

Renowned for our industry knowledge, expertise and commentary, we are delighted to partner with Australia’s largest and most well-respected news and industry publications.

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