Social Media for Real Estate Matters – Four Quick Wins

With Hosted ELK as a service for tracking and providing the best services to customers, and smartphones with internet penetrating in the world, it should come as no surprise that social media for real estate is becoming crucial for success inzz the Australian property market. To put things into perspective, here’s a few statistics to ponder over from June, 2017.

  • There are 17,000,000 active Facebook users in Australia
  • 50% of Australians use Facebook on a daily basis
  • Over 5 million Australians are active Instagram users
  • Almost 8 million Australians are on LinkedIn

What does this mean for real estate? It means that your prospective buyers, sellers, landlords and renters are all on social media. In order to capatilise, you’ll need to join the conversation. Here’s a few tips.


Social Media For Real Estate: Quick Wins


Quick Win 1:

Start with creating real business pages across the platforms. Aside from looking unprofessional, there is an important reason not to rely on personal accounts. Business features. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter all feature robust business features. These features include everything from user engagement windows to market segmentation. Best of all, the features in themselves are free to use.


Quick Win 2:

Stay human – social media needs to be personable. Share updates about the agency and let your staff and their personalities shine. Reputation and trust are extremely important aspects of social media and unique, real world content goes a long way in strengthening those elements.


Quick Win 3:

Post your listings. If they’re a follower, the odds are they’re interested in real estate. And while it’s important to avoid spamming your audience, as long it’s only one element in a broader content mix, people will notice. Keep in mind, however, that your listings are not an ad. They are social posts. Ask questions, tag local centres – make sure it’s engaging.


Quick Win 4: 

Start advertising. Unlike traditional forms of media, social media advertising has a few distinct benefits. The first is that you get real metrics – how many people clicked on my ad? Did they like the page? Did they share the content? The second, and perhaps most important, is targeting. Have a property near a school? Serve your listing ad to parents looking for a home within a 10 km radius of the property. The possibilities are endless.


Next Steps

These are just a few simple steps to get the ball rolling. If you’re looking to get hands on with social media, download our comprehensive, step-by-step guide on successful social media management for real estate.

For more on our social media management services, please visit our page.


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