Social media image size guide

Social media image size guide

Nicole Shelley

18 February 2021

Get your social graphics the right size, every time.

They are common questions thrown around many offices: “what dimensions do I use for our Facebook cover image?’ or “what size is an Instagram post image?”.

If you’re anything like me, there’s a strangely satisfying feeling you get from a wonderfully curated social media feed. And any image that feels oddly cut off really stands out. As marketers, we spend so long developing our image libraries, brand assets and other graphics. And these assets deserve to be used in their correctly proportioned state.

But when it comes to sharing them with our social media followers, often, one image does not fit all across the various social platforms.

It may take a few more clicks but resizing your chosen image for each platform could be the difference between ‘professional, takes pride in our brand image’ and ‘slapped together, don’t care too much for consistency’.

These social platforms are playing around with layouts and features very regularly, so their standard sizes could change. However, here’s your cheat sheet for how to resize your images for some of the main social media platforms.

Our guide covers the specs for images you may wish to use on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and Google My Business: cover images, profile pictures, posts and stories.

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