Social Media Management Tools

Social Media Management Tools

Nicole Shelley

4 October 2017

Social media management is a key part of making a splash with your brand – online & off. At first, managing different branded accounts for your business across the various social media platforms and keeping track of every like, share and comment can be daunting. As time goes, well it still takes a fair bit of time and experience to manage successfully. For businesses with a dedicated social media department, however, there are tools to help track and manage the workload between staff and brand verticals. Of course, you have to have traffic on you social media to begin with. 

Here’s a breakdown of three of the best social media management tools and technologies to help you manage an enterprise social media presence.

Social Media Management Tools 



Hootsuite is a favourite among the more technically minded social media experts out there. A comprehensive tool, Hootsuite allows you to create your own dashboards utilising everything from hashtag keywords, user metrics, individual accounts and channels. With functionality allowing you to do everything from measure your ROI to run social media ads, the learning curve is steeper than most but a powerful tool when mastered.

Sprout Social


Where Sprout social excels as a social media marketing tool is in its focus on engagement and team management. The first thing you should see when opening a Sprout Social dashboard is recent engagement. This is great for brands with strong customer and social interactions. The second thing you’ll notice is the tabs up top. The tabs make it easy to manage not only your team members, but also their individual tasks. However, another interesting feature of this social media management tool is the robust data and analytics back-end. Not only can you efficiently generate social media metric reports, but segmentation data provides unique CRM insights not found on other platforms.



Buffer is about simple UI. At a glance, most users can tell that menu on the left allows you to add social accounts to your dashboard and the section to the right allows you to push out posts. It supports pushing out customised content across the channels and aside from data and analytics, allows you to auto-schedule posts automatically for high engagement periods.

Which Social Media Management Tool is For You?

Well, it depends. It’s about understanding which elements of a social media marketing or management tool are most important to your business. Is it managing your team members? Do you want to make engagement a priority? Or is simplicity and speed the most essential? It all depends on your people and your business goals.

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