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    Pepper’s Social Media Marketing Courses

    Love social and get a buzz from increasing your likes, followers and ultimately sales? Perhaps you just want to formalise your joy for all things social and structure your social media marketing efforts. Our social media marketing courses can help you do that!

    Social media can be a time-consuming monster. Our social media marketing courses will fully disclose to you how we manage social media campaigns on a day-to-day basis. We’ll show you how to add some structure, craft some creativity and add a sprinkle of fun to your social media.

    You have pointed me in the right direction, with the right tools and right knowledge, which I am so grateful and appreciative of. You are a genius in your field of work Sir!

    Meena Walker Business Owner

    Where do I begin?

    Maybe you’ve only dabbled and you’re daunted at the thought of marketing via social.

    With our Social media marketing courses we’ll show you how to plan and run an organic social media campaign.

    With social media becoming very much ‘pay to play’, we’ll detail paid social media advertising with you to ensure you don’t waste your precious marketing budget.

    Digital Marketing Course Outcomes.

    In our digital marketing course, every participant has that breakthrough “A-Ha!” moment, when all the pieces fall into place.

    We must warn you though, you’ll never look at digital content the same way again. You’ll immediately be able to see how every piece of content, every web page, every social post, every re-targeted ad forms part of a digital campaign.

    When you work with Pepper, we become a part of your business and your team. Our fulfillment comes from seeing your business being able to successfully plan and execute your digital marketing.

    …they valued Ryan’s ability to clearly explain complex marketing topics, and his willingness to openly disclose strategies and tactics.

    Colleen Donnelly President, City of Sydney Law Society


    Our home is Sydney’s Potts Point and we welcome small groups of up to 4. If you’ve got a larger group we can come to you. Video conference is also an effective way to work with individuals or groups remotely.

    The social media marketing courses suit individuals and groups of up to 30. Participants find they get the most value from smaller group sizes though.

    We’re quite fluid and won’t waste your time teaching you things you already know.

    We will though, take you a step back and start looking at your business, your customers, your competitors and your business goals. This starts us on a journey of understadning what your customers want and what others in the industry are already doing.

    Then, we dive deeper into your social media and go over sourcing, creating anad managing organic content. PAid campaigns are covered too with an emphasis on spending your marketing budget intelligently.

    Lastly, but most importantly, we’ll cover how to measure results, asses your performance and tweak for continued growth.

    We’re doers who share with you our combined 90+ years of marketing experience. We’re not a registered training organisation and can’t provide you with a formal qualification.

    Through our social media marketing course, we share the exact methods and strategies that we use every day. The knowledge that you gain from our experience is far superior to a piece of paper.

    Your devices including laptop, phone, iPad – whatever you like working with most.

    You’ll also need to know and be willing to share information about your business, your industry, your customers and your competitors.

    Please, please, please… have all your passwords and required levels of access to all of your accounts. We’re happy to go get a coffee and a donut while we wait for you to do password resets – but it will just waste your time with us.  As a bonus, we’ll even show you how to securely manage all your passwords so you never forget a password again.

    We can work with you from beginner level through to seasoned social media veteran.

    So we can focus on the social media marketing, it’s good to have a a moderate skill level when it comes to all things digital and marketing. You won’t need to know code or anything to in-depth, but you’ll need to appreciate and understand the fundamentals of marketing.

    Hopefully too you’re a regular, everyday user of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

    For a session run in our office for 1-4 people, our fee is $800 (ex. GST) for a 3 hour session.

    If you’re a solopreneur , think about bringing some colleagues from other businesses to help spread the cost.

    Social Media Marketing Courses

    More than buzzwords, we’ll show you how to plan and manage your social media.



    Past the fake followers and spam, we’ll take you one step back and work with you to develop a plan you can stick to.



    With you goal in mind and your plan guiding you, you’ll be able to confidently execute your social media marketing efficiently and effectively.



    Your efforts won’t be for nothing. We’ll show you how to measure, assess and optimise for further social media success.

    More than  Social Media Marketing Courses

    Beyond our social media marketing courses, we’ll support you, your team and your business across the full marketing mix.

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is in its renaissance. More than just spamming unknown email address, we help you develop targeted campaigns that convert.



    We’ll make sure your website’s content can be found, understood and indexed appropriately by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Web Design & Dev

    Web Design & Dev

    Custom designs lovingly crafted and smartly developed. This makes your website unique, quick and secure.

    Hats off to the GOAT of social media! Ryan and the pepperit team know what’s what when it comes to handling your businesses online presence.

    Aaron Alexiuc Living Room of Satoshi

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