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Which Australian Regional is leading the way in social media marketing?

The digital economy and e-commerce are helping regional Australia reach new markets – and according to new research from the University of Newcastle, they’re doing so at a greater rate than the big cities.


A study from the Hunter Research Foundation Centre has revealed that businesses in the Hunter Valley are strongly taking advantage of the opportunities of online marketing and sales in their overall business strategy. What’s fascinating about the data is that it suggests that the regions are using digital media more savvy than their metropolitan counterparts.


Around 70 per cent of Hunter businesses have a dedicated website, compared with the national average of around fifty per cent. Hunter businesses are also pacesetters in using social media for marketing, with 60 per cent of businesses turning to networks like Facebooks, Twitter, Instagram and online blogs to spread their message, a 9% rise since 2016.



While the results are great, there is still some scope for improvement. A conversion rate optimization consultant reports that only 33 per cent report offering direct e-commerce through their site to allow customers to buy directly online, and despite the high uptake in using social media as a marketing tool, almost 50 per cent of all businesses identify marketing via social networks as something they seek to know more about.


All this said it is important to keep in mind that merely having a social media presence isn’t enough to achieve sustainable results. Just posting images, random status updates here and there and chasing vanity metrics such as “likes” will not help your business grow.


Behind every great social media platform, lays a great strategy.

A strategy that is the right combination of informative material and is on point with your target audience. Coupled with profile-raising posts that generate your identified result.


Conducting a direct conversation with your customers has never been easier, and Hunter Valley businesses are on board with these innovative approaches to marketing.


How effective is your social media strategy? Do you have a comprehensive social plan with the experienced and qualified resources to implement it?


Need to speak with an expert team on social media marketing? We work with ASX listed companies right through to small business in the Hunter Valley. We are skilled in developing marketing plans, managing social media marketing on your business behalf or providing in-house training and courses to inhouse teams. Drop us a line on or via our contact form.

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