The Hibernation Diaries Part 1

The Hibernation Diaries Part 1

Ryan Shelley

14 April 2020

Part 1: A Realignment

At this very moment in time, we’re each working through the challenges of a one-in-a-hundred year event. This event has the potential to change how we live and interact with each other forevermore.

Like everyone else on the planet, the team at Pepper don’t have a crystal ball. But we wanted to offer support to any business that needs a friend in these times. No strings attached.

In this short series, we’ll give you an actionable and handy reference for what marketing activities you should be undertaking to win and keep customers, now and in the future. These are tips to enable you to maintain connection with your own customers and networks and to come out the other side in as best shape as possible.

The first step in this is to acknowledge these changes and take a moment to reassess your options.

You may find your business in the extraordinary position of ‘we’ve never been busier’ due to the demand for your product or service. Or, as we’ve seen in hundreds of media reports over the past weeks, you may be doing all that is humanly possible to simply get through.

No matter what side of the coin fate has you falling on, the fact is our economy will thrive again. People will once more travel, restaurants and bars will be bursting, our economic confidence will ensure we dig into our pockets for life’s luxuries again and physical contact with colleagues and customers will be the norm.

Applying some of our simple strategies will set you up to leverage your fortunate current position or to have you come out of this hibernation bigger and bolder.

The first step in this is to acknowledge these changes and take a moment to reassess your options.

Adapt, pivot, realign

Adapt, pivot, realign. These are all words we’re hearing across our video conferences, in the media and when speaking with friends. There are plenty of wonderful examples of how businesses and individuals are repurposing their skills and resources in order to either combat the pandemic or keep their employees in jobs and businesses viable. Identifying ways in which you can adapt to changes in how customers or clients interact with you is key to knowing what and how to communicate.

It’s also handy to have as many economic weapons in your arsenal as possible. No politics here, but it’s fair to say the Federal and State and Territory Governments have been quite proactive in supporting individuals and the business community during the past month.

So, with this in mind, start a list of how your business can rethink its position and offering. Contact the relevant organisations to ensure you’re equipped with knowledge. And as much economic support as possible to see this through.

Next, with all this knowledge, we’ll be looking at the importance of marketing for your business.