The Hibernation Diaries Part 6

Part 6: Leverage your content


If you’ve followed out steps so far, you will have got the point of having written at least one blog post or article for your website. Bravo!

As a business owner or marketing professional, there’s very little chance you’ve nothing to do right now. You recognise this content is important to elevating your website and business’s reputation, however, there are only 24 hours in a day and it can be difficult to justify the time you invest in creating the content.


Too often great content is under utilised, used once and never seen again.


Capitalise on your content by creating the following pieces:

  • Blog or landing page – as a minimum the content needs to be published to your website. This way, Google can see it, index it and start showing it to users who are searching.
  • Email marketing – we delve into this later in the guide, but your content also needs to be sent via email to a relevant segment in your database.
  • Social media – push the content through your business’s social media channels.
  • Third party publications – these include organisations, associations and complementary companies that could publish an amended version of your content. If they do this digitally, it will benefit your website through backlink value.
  • Hardcopy – use the content for any hardcopy papers, guides, or marketing materials you may be producing for the business.



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