The Importance of an SEO Domain Name

The Importance of an SEO Domain Name

Ryan Shelley

6 November 2013

Today Smart Company reported that a Company selling car finance changed its domain name from to an SEO Domain Name of The result; an increase in revenue of $40 million! Not only this, but it greatly reduced there online advertising spend too.

How? Because of a well thought out SEO Domain Name considers what will  create the biggest impact over a potential client. Hence the more time one takes to think about it and choose the best one is undoubtedly going to be rewarding.  In its essence, Google is quite a simple machine. When you do a search for Car Loan or Cheapest Car Loan, there’s a large probability that the website at is going to show up. Why? Because your domain name adds a lot of weight to what Google thinks about your website. It’s quite hard for Google to figure out that is associated with Car Loans; but it’s a piece of cake to figure out that is talking about Car Loans.

What can you do about an SEO domain name?

So what should you do about this? If you have a great business idea, before you register a business name, have a think about what you want people to search for to find your business. Try to incorporate as many of these words in your business name and then SEO domain name as possible. Why? Because to register a domain name, you must have an entity such as a business name or a company that closely matches the domain name you want.

For example, if you’re selling fish food and your business name is Fran’s Delicious Fishy Flakes; you should register and use the SEO domain name

What if that domain name isn’t available when you do a search for it’s availability? Try adding a hyphen like, or add a word at the beginning or end such as If all else fails, you can track down the owner of the domain name you want and professionally enquirer if they wish to sell the domain name.

A good domain name isn’t a silver bullet, there’s still lots of SEO work you need to do to achieve great results. But it’s a great start when it comes to your SEO journey.