The New Daily – Social Media Plays Key Role in PR Master Stroke

Social media is embedded in today’s culture of news sharing. Even the British royal family, famous for its deep-rooted traditions, uses social media to convey its news and events. In fact, many people know more about the monarchy through social handles such as @theroyalfamily than through any other means.

A royal event that was announced to great effect on social media was the birth of Archie on 6 May 2019 to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan. Deemed a PR victory, the long-awaited news was masterfully delivered as part of a meticulously-crafted social media plan.

Ryan Shelley, Managing Director, spoke with The New Daily about how the belated announcement succeeded in heightening public anticipation and preserving the royals’ privacy.

“The whole approach was a master stroke in teasing the audience and letting anticipation build.”

You can read the full article online.

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