‘Tis the season.

‘Tis the season.

Ryan Shelley

15 December 2020

But for what? The pepperit office is aflutter with talk of Christmas and all the things we like about it. Turkey, ham and pudding; seeing our kids’ faces as they experience the magic; Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey playlists; painfully predictable Netflix Christmas movies. And the list goes on.

Beyond this, our years of living in the marketing world have made us acutely aware of the psychology that goes into Christmas consumerism. Tugging at the heart strings, reuniting people, sumptuous spreads, end of year joy, giving and receiving.

It feels as though most people are more receptive than ever to a little positivity, hope and a chance to smile.

There is also the grinch-style angle. Overcrowding no matter where you turn, and screaming children making a beeline away from an equally terrified mall Santa and desperate parents who just want a photo for this year’s card.

Whether Christmas marketing is highly emotive, over the top and slightly ridiculous, or funny and a little too relatable, it’s true you simply can’t escape it this time of year. And no matter which camp you sit in, (or have landed in this week), there’s a Christmas marketing campaign for you.

2020’s best Christmas campaigns

No need to rehash the year that 2020 has been. We all know. But it is interesting to see how different brands position themselves in such a time. It feels as though most people are more receptive than ever to a little positivity, hope and a chance to smile.

As all good marketing teams do, the pepperheads regularly share what they’re reading, watching and listening to amongst the team. It’s no different at this time of year. So, with content offering perhaps a little less grandeur and a nod to austerity, we’re pleased to share with you a small collection of the ‘best’ (a loose definition, depending on context and category) Christmas advertisements of 2020.

David Jones – The Home of Christmas

For a 182-year-old brand, DJs have certainly made it through many tough times. In a nostalgic nod, this one’s a lovely reminder that this, right now, is just a point in time.

Auspost – Spread the Merry

It’s time to reconnect. Even if that means befriending the neighbourhood cockatoo and your postie, Kevin.

John Lewis – Give a Little Love

It’s a known fact for many the world over that UK department store John Lewis leaves it to Christmas to do their best ad work of the year. And they’ve done it again with this year’s ode to love. Search their earlier pieces too if you’ve never watched.

Coca Cola – The Letter

The team at Coca Cola have dreamt up one impressive dad! And a Santa who shows his adaptability in an unknown world too. Directed by Taika Waititi, just beautiful.

Gucci – Gift 2020

If you’re one of those who loves to give luxury goods as gifts, the retro vibes of this fun piece may just inspire you to head to Gucci this year.

Aldi – Go Full Christmas.

Synchronised swimming Santas. Nothing more to say.

Officeworks – Show Them You Know Them

A first of its kind for Aussies, Officeworks is offering a virtual Santa photo opportunity this year in response to current concerns and restrictions. Curate your own scene and then print or share with your loved ones. Beats the queues at the local shopping mall, we say.

Do you have a favourite?

We’ve left many out, we know. Share with us your fave Christmas ad from this year, or indeed any ads of Christmases past.

And, as you fight with your colleagues to not end up with the crocheted tea cosy in this year’s rendition of (virtual or otherwise) Naughty Santa, try to allow yourself a moment to enjoy just a little of that Christmas magic.

Happy silly season from the entire pepperit team!