Twitter auspol

Twitter auspol

Nicole Shelley

1 June 2020

The use of hashtags on Twitter is an important tool that is used to help organise tweets by category and group content of the same topic. This is how Twitter auspol has become so popular.

By utilsing relevant hashtags in your tweets, you increase the chances of having your content appear in front of an interested audience. Conversely to view tweets that include a certain hashtag, simply navigate to the # Explore button on the left side of your homepage. And then type the hashtag into the search bar along the top of the page. Tweets that include that specific hashtag will appear below, sorted by popularity.

Twitter auspol

One particular hashtag that has grown in popularity over the years on Twitter is #auspol. This phrase is short for Australian politics, and it has become a hashtag that is used widely for various political speculations, commentary, and the occasional rumor whisperings. Twitter #Auspol started gaining traction in 2014, and by 2015 it was already rated third globally among trending political topics on the platform. While many hashtags phase out over time, the generic nature of #auspol has helped it to maintain its relevance over the years.

As of June 2020, #auspol maintains its ranking as the 3rd most popular hashtag in Australia.

Many people turn to twitter auspol for political insights and debates. Or to fill a void for information that they feel the mainstream media is lacking. One incredibly popular tweet from May 29, 2020 put it simply by stating.

“I’ve often reflected on why the #auspol twitter community is world unique. While so many of us have come to a place where we find truth, share ideas and debate.  Hold to account. We create our own media outlet.”

Whether you are simply looking for the latest news and information within the world of politics. Or are looking to engage in conversation with someone with opposing views. Twitter auspol is a powerful hashtag to monitor and follow.

Visit the pepper twitter account for Twitter auspol and sans #auspol tweets. This account is the thoughts, ideas and banter of our Agency Director and Social Media Expert Ryan Shelley.