Twitter – Show Images in Tweets

Twitter – Show Images in Tweets

Ryan Shelley

20 February 2015

People flicking through their Twitter feed are time poor and busy. They will NOT take the time to click on your link to see your image. So if you don’t, in Twitter show image in tweet – how can you expect them to re-tweet it and engage?

Let’s look at a simple example. Which of the following make you salivate more and thus, be more likely to engage with?


Typically, when you setup a third party Social platform such as Facebook or Instagram to “Auto Tweet” your post to Twitter – You’ll end up with a link to your image rather than the image itself. That’ because the platform, in the example above Instagram, whats the user to go back to Instagram rather than remain on Twitter.

Instead of “Auto Tweeting” – take the time to post separately to Twitter. The added bonus is, you can customise your text to fit Twitter’s 280 characters. That will then remove those annoying …

Easier way in Twitter to show image in tweet?

Better yet, save yourself time and use a third party tool that will save you time by elegantly posting to ALL your Social channels. For this, I typically recommend Buffer. It’s free to connect up to 4 Social channels – which is enough for most small businesses.

Buffer will show your image in the tweet – rather than just supplying a link. Buffer also has the great feature of allowing you to Buffer (queue) your social content. So you can spend a morning generating your content and then let buffer publish your content elegantly over time.

A downside of Buffer – You can’t connect an Instagram account – so you’ll have to continue to manually post to Instagram. Will Buffer add Instagram integration, I hope so.

If Buffer is not for you try Hootsuite as another option. With so many tools out there to assist with social media management, its time to stop those lazy tweets and do justice to twitter by showing your image in tweet.