How to Unblock Your IP Address in WordPress

How to Unblock Your IP Address in WordPress

Ryan Shelley

1 June 2017

If you’re a WordPress user, chances are you’ll need to unblock your IP address at some point or another. This can be quite frustrating for users and those not familiar with the nuts and bolts of how the web works. Today, we’re going to explain why you were blocked and exactly what steps to take to unblock your IP Address in WordPress.

What Is an IP Address Anyway?

To put it simply, an ‘IP’ or Internet Protocol Address is the number that identifies your device when it’s connected to the internet. It’s generally given to you by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you’re connected to at any given time. It also has a habit of changing when you reset hardware, connect to different Wi-Fi networks and sometimes for no reason at all.

Why Did My IP Address Get Blocked?

While it’s can be frustrating. 

IP Address blocking is an essential part of WordPress security. It typically happens after several incorrect login attempts.

At times, other factors such as outdated cookies etc. in your web browser; or even an IP address assigned to you by your ISP – can cause the block to happen. The reason for this is that these factors can also be signs that someone is trying to hack your digital property and IP Address blocks are the fastest way of stopping them in their tracks.


Who Can Unblock it?

To unblock a blocked IP, a login needs to be made from a different IP address. To do this, you can either:

  1. Ask a friend or colleague to sign in from a different network and unblock you
  2. You can get tricky and use a different IP Address, log yourself in and unblock your other IP Address

If you’re planning on unblocking your account yourself, here’s what you’ll need to do. First, if you’re at home or work in a small office, typically all the devices on your Wi-Fi and wired network will have the same IP Address allocated to them by your internet provider.

That means your desktop, laptop, iPad, etc. will all be blocked while connected to that network.

The easiest way to get online with another IP:

  • Disconnect your phone from your home’s Wi-Fi
  • Turn on your phone’s hot spot
  • Connect your computer to your phones Wi-Fi (or wired) hotspot

This will allow you to browse the web using your phone’s 3G/4G IP Address, which is different to your Wi-Fi router’s IP Address. If you’re not sure how to turn on ‘hot-spot’ functionality it’s really easy – for iPhone users, for Android users.

The Solution – How to Unblock Your IP Address in WordPress

Now that either yourself or a colleague is able to log-in jump into your account. Once in your WordPress account:

1) Bottom left of screen, find WP Security. Click on this to go to the WP Security Dashboard

unblock your ip address

2) On the WP Security Dashboard, click the tab at the top: “Locked IP Addresses”:

unblock your ip address

3) Here you will see a list of IP addresses that have been locked. Typically, you can find your IP address based on the Date and Username that was used when attempting to login. However, you can then tick it and choose to unlock it in the drop down.

how and why so you can unblock your IP Address in WordPress.

And that’s all there is too it. If you’re consistently experiencing issues it may be a symptom of a broader security or infrastructure issue with your website. If you need expert advice, we’re only an email or phone call away.