Upcycling your annual report contents

Upcycling your annual report contents

Nicole Shelley

21 October 2021

There’s a lot that goes into an annual report. Design, copywriting, layout, typesetting, distribution. And that’s not even including the actual meat of the report – your financials, mission statements, values, stakeholders, and more. Investing that much time and effort into annual report design should return more than just one document. So, here are some ways to up-cycle your annual report contents to help you ensure you get the most out of it. 

The annual report content ideas for your organisation

Your annual report is packed with facts and figures, charts and diagrams. Why not up-cycle and share this content across a range of platforms? Below, we provide you with some examples how.

annual report contents

Social Media Content 

Social media is your organisation’s highlight reel – and that includes those annual report infographics, key statistics and highlights. If you’re working with an agency to bring your annual report design to life, ask them as part of the brief to craft out some of the content as social media creative.


Social media isn’t the only place you can pop those infographics up. Blow up those graphics into a big poster for everyone to see. Your proudest accomplishment, key services, or core values – up on the office walls. Talk about a great office decor piece!

annual report contents

Blog Content 

Part of what makes annual reports so compelling is the hard work and stories that go into them. No organisation does the year quite like yours does, and the story of how you got there is completely unique. Got a particularly compelling CEO or key stakeholder report? Turn it into a blog to publish on your website and then share it in your next EDM.

Year-in-Review Video

Why not convert your annual report into a Year-in-Review reflection? The key communication messages are already laid out for you. Use your copy as a script.

If you don’t have the budget or resourcing for producing a video, think about a slideshow with the images and finished art from your annual report. Additionally, a little touch of animation added to your video may be all that’s needed to give your year in review video that extra pop.

Web-based Reports 

Recycling, it’s good for the environment. And so is going paperless. Therefore, a web-based report option can be a great way to distribute your annual report to a much wider audience than a paper or even PDF copy. 

Email Marketing 

Speaking of distribution… distributing your annual report to key stakeholders through a comprehensive email marketing campaign is a surefire way to ensure your annual report gets read (by more than just the people involved in making it!).

Upcycling your annual report contents

Whichever annual report content idea you choose to go with, it’s definitely worth considering doing more with your annual report than just a one off single print run. An annual report is an excellent way to show off your organisation, its values, successes, challenges, and stories. But it’s not enough to keep them in a report. No organisation has done this financial year quite like yours. Therefore, let’s celebrate that and share this across multiple communication mediums.

Not quite at the content stage yet? Check out our guide to A Successful Not for Profit Annual Report in 6 Steps to get you started on your annual report.