What would we do without… Asana?

What would we do without… Asana?

Nicole Shelley

16 April 2021

Mondays are difficult enough. There’s nothing more discouraging or overwhelming than starting up your work computer at the beginning of the week and seeing your inbox packed with actionables and tasks in amongst all the other spam, news and subscriptions.

When working on long-term projects, it can be easy to lose track of tasks, progress and even assets – particularly when the project is a collaborative effort. Having to pick through emails — or worse, simply trying to remember where you put something — is not only incredibly frustrating, but also not exactly the best use of your time.

And in the age of flexible work arrangements and teams working remotely, bringing people together, even virtually, is more important than ever.

That’s where Asana comes in.

Asana is a handy project management platform that allows you to organise your workplace according to goals, plans, tasks, teams and projects – all in one place. Sending a sneaky Asana task anyone’s way is a sure-fire way to ensure something gets attention, and gets done on time. Just do it? More like just Asana it!

At pepperit, it’s our main life force. It keeps us focused, productive and across all projects. Each morning at pepper starts with a quick check of our Asana inbox and tasks to figure out what our day will look like and finishes with a final check to see if we’ve missed anything pressing.

Nobody likes missed deadlines. While Asana can’t do anything about that, getting a little celebratory unicorn or narwhal across your screen after completing a task is a favourite encouragement for the team to keep going.

We’ve even integrated it with our clients as a way to keep each party updated, on task, working to the same goals and share files and other assets. Everything in one place – too easy!

The Asana Partnership Program

Pepper is proud to be an Asana Partner. Last week, Asana announced the launch of their Partnership Program:

“With Asana Partners, customers can integrate Asana with over 200 Technology Partners, including communications apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom, and business intelligence tools, such as Looker, PowerBI and Tableau, for customizable visualizations and data-backed insights into how distributed teams are tracking towards their goals.”

With these new features, we’ve integrated our Asana interface with handy apps such as Harvest and Slack to streamline even more processes and ensure our agency is running as smoothly as it can.

Is Asana worth the investment?

Whether we’re working from home, or in the office, Asana has become crucial to our workflow and productivity.

While it may not be the be all and end all for optimal business efficiency, if you’re looking for:

  • Simple, easy to use workflow solutions
  • Improved productivity
  • Project, goal and task tracking and management
  • Saved time
  • Easy communication; and
  • Less email clutter

then Asana is the way to go.