B&T – Who’s To Blame? The Ins And Outs Of Social Media Defamation

Following the ruling last month over the responsibility of certain media outlets for the comments they publish on their social media platforms, Facebook argues the individual who makes the comment should be held responsible.

The case in question involved Northern Territory youth detainee Dylan Voller and defamatory comments made on Facebook about him.

Given these companies use social platforms for commercial use, the court ruled they were also obligated to moderate content on the same platforms.

Ryan Shelley, who provided a report to the court for this case as a social media expert, indicated all parties involved should be aware of what they’re putting online and the consequences for that.

“For business, it is a stern reminder that you may be held responsible for what you publish – or allow to be published – on social media,”

“For individuals… consider whether you would want your post read aloud in court.”

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