Australasian Lawyer – Celebrating Law Awards Success with Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Australasian Lawyer – Celebrating Law Awards Success with Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Nicole Shelley

5 April 2018

In this article for Australasian Lawyer, Nicole shares her insight on how to best capitalise your hard-earned awards nomination. You will reach key audiences and maximise your achievement and profile.

Congratulations, you have been recognised as a finalist in the Australasian Law Awards – a fantastic and well-deserved achievement.

The awards are a celebration of the legal industry’s best and brightest. They also provide a great opportunity to share your nomination and success with current clients, prospective clients and partners.

To help you leverage your award nomination, our checklist in Australasian Lawyer provides the opportunity for reaching key audiences and maximising your achievement and profile.

The channels for promotion

Just like your broader marketing and business-development strategies, you’d like to maximise your success as much as possible. Use your digital platforms to ensure an integrated, consistent and coordinated approach across all channels. At a minimum, start with the four key channels:

Social media marketing

Awards nominations and presentation evenings are an ideal time to ramp up your social media presence. Social media provides the ideal platform for sharing news, expertise and profiling successes like this nomination.

At a firm level, share the success on various social media accounts. Remember to talk your audience’s language and for maximum engagement adapt the tone and message for each different social channel.

Encourage the team to share on their respective personal social media accounts. This will further increase your reach and the spread of the message within new ‘circles’.

Sharing personal success stories is high engagement content. For each engagement or comment received ensure you respond – after all, it is ‘social’ media.

Email marketing

Never underestimate email marketing. Just ensure you are adding value by providing relevant and interesting content. You can include the award nomination within a broader newsletter sharing related industry and legal updates. This provides an opportunity to add value to your clients while also highlighting your industry recognition in the area.

It will remind current and lapsed clients of your professional pedigree. It will also open the door for future referrals and business. And remember – do follow up after the event with any successes or highlights from the evening.

Company website

Your company website is the digital face of your firm and underpins your brand. It is quite often the first port of call for any prospective client. Don’t allow your company website to remain static with great high value news and articles hidden away behind multiple clicks. Ensure the current or most relevant content is showcased upfront and easily accessible.

An award nomination being featured on your homepage is a powerful marketing message. Remember, all digital marketing efforts should drive traffic to your website, so it is important to show a consistent approach across all your digital marketing.

To really engage your website visitors, post a feature article to accompany the nomination. Providing insight into your career, coupled with personal commentary, gives the award context. It also adds a sense of humanity; a quality that is increasingly important in the professional services industry.

Internal firm branding

Whatever the size of your firm, award nominations are great for morale. From internal company newsletter, intranet to a simple management email, spreading word of your nomination reflects well on your own efforts, It also reflects well on your team, broader staff and the firm as a whole.

The timing

Within a week of the finalist nominations being announced, we would expect that you have shared your accolade across the channels as highlighted above.

However, there is plenty more you can do, particularly through your social media, to maximise exposure and your expert profile. Don’t sit back and assume that nothing further can be done until after the final results are announced.

Perhaps the most underutilised communication window is the period in the immediate lead-up to the awards evening. The anticipation of an awards night encourages engagement. So use social media to continue the conversation on the countdown to the awards night and winner announcements. This will continue to cement your profile as an industry leader.

Start by using the award night’s hashtag (#AusLawAwards) in all your posts so that they are easily found and shared. Congratulate your fellow nominees, highlight some of the key deals of the year, thank your team – all will increase your reach.

On the night of the awards, add to the buzz by posting updates of the evening, the winners or acknowledge great acceptance speeches. And importantly, post your pictures! Everyone loves the glitz and glamour and images encourage comments, sharing and engagement.

Don’t forget, just because the party’s over the conversation doesn’t have to end. This step is often overlooked, but just like non-digital marketing, event follow up is an equally important part of networking. If you win, fantastic, you have a lot more to talk about across all channels. If you don’t, continue to use social media to ensure that you acknowledge the winners. Also, thank the organisers and continue to grow your network by engaging with the connections made during the countdown.


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