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Is it worth it?

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<p>Is it worth it?</p>

10 things to know about SEO Newcastle

Should I bother doing SEO for my Newcastle business? The short answer is yes. If your business has a website and depends on any level of online activity, then SEO should be part of your strategy. Your competitors are doing it. Businesses like yours in other cities are doing it.

The pepperit team has dozens of combined years’ experience learning and applying SEO strategies for a range of businesses. As a result, we would of course love to be the ones to be trusted to maximise your brand’s SEO potential. However, that may not turn out to be the case. So, please allow us a few minutes to share some techniques you can apply to your own SEO activities.

SEO Newcastle 101

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising content to ensure it clearly and efficiently tells search engines what it’s about. Google is the most prominent search engine used worldwide, especially in Australia. As such, it is important to specifically understand how to optimise for Google search.

93% of online experiences start with a search engine.

To be successful in search engine optimisation, Newcastle businesses should know these following things.

On-page SEO

This is what Google sees when it crawls your website. It consists of a range of elements that indicate what your page is about.

  • Keyword research is the basis of all SEO work. Determine what your page should rank for (one term only) and optimise for that particular phrase. A keyword in this context is a single word or short phrase up to 5 words.
  • The URL of the page should contain the keyword (exactly).
  • Name all the images on the page with your keyword (variations are fine e.g. property_developer_newcastle.jpg and property_developer_newcastle_services.jpg).
  • Your heading and subheadings should use the keyword (not every heading, but some).
  • Write 300 words on the topic and mention the keyword 2-3 times throughout the copy.
  • Include at least two links – one to another page on your website, and another to an external site.

Off-page SEO

This determines which page ranks number one for a search term (or if you should end up on page 100 of the Google search engine results instead!).

  • Leverage your location – localisation is very important in the rankings (if you’re in Newcastle and searching for a lawyer, you won’t see results from London or New York unless you explicitly search for it). Update your website, Google My Business and other directory listings so that your location is clear.
  • Build a trusted website. Google distrusts you until you’re proven trustworthy. Trustworthiness comes from having an established website (more than two years old).
  • Build backlinks. A backlink is a link from a third-party website that takes a user back to your website. The greater the number of backlinks to your site, the better. To do this, link from social media profiles, local directories, associations, partner websites and media publications.

Measuring Results

  • Measuring the results of all this effort is imperative. Google’s free tool Google Search Console will track and report on how your website ranks for various keywords over time.

Following the above steps will ensure improvement in your SEO efforts. However, there is a great deal of complexity in mastering this. For advice or to chat further about SEO in Newcastle, please get in touch your way.